Lavish Mack enters Ward 11 race


Zachery Metzger, also known as Lavish Mack, is running for the Minneapolis City Council seat in Ward 11.
If elected Metzger says he is committed to donating half of his city council salary to local non-profits to truly stay connected to the people.
With a progressive campaign, Metzger is focused on making Minneapolis become a beacon of what is possible. As a life long southsider, Metzger has made a career out of fighting for this vision and the needs of the people. "We envision a Minneapolis that invests in the needs of its people. These needs include affordable housing, structurally supported public safety alternatives, protecting our green spaces and expanding social protections that protect all our residents," he said. Metzger has led campaigns, created laws and organized movements that have created lasting change. He has worked deeply with community and in the capitol as a legislative aide, with major policy wins, such as The Beyond Bullying Bill which ensures schools are safe learning environments for every Minnesotan, no matter their race, religion, sexuality, gender, or disability
Since 2020, Metzger has been deeply rooted in the community, dedicated to justice, and creating real change. He says he is committed to continue the selfless work needed to make a difference.
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