Primary election results


Zaynab Mohamed, 25, won the Democratic Farmer Labor (DFL) party primary in Senate District 63, and will face the Republican party nominee Shawn Holster in November. If elected in the typically strong DFL district, she would become the first Black women, the youngest woman, and the first Muslim woman in the Senate. As a result of primary election, Hennepin County is almost certain to elect its first Black sheriff in November. Both the candidates, Dawanna Witt and Joseph Banks, who will appear on the November General Election ballot are Black and were the top two vote getters. For county attorney, Martha Holton Dimick and Mary Moriarty will be competing in the general election. In other local legislative races, the incumbents, State Senator District 62 Omar Fateh and State Representative 62A Aisha Gomez, won their party’s primary. In the school board election, Collin Beachy, Collin Beachy, Sonya Emerick, KerryJo Felder and Lisa Skefte are moving on to run in the Nov. 8 general election the at-large seat, and Laurelle Myhra and Lori Norvell are running in District 5.


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