Ad Rates

Special Sections Calendar

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Insert Rates

Minimum of 3,000 pieces required. Inserts may be zoned by carrier routes. Call for more information. Click on the image to the left for a pdf copy of the Messenger insert route map.

Click here for an exclusive offer on insert printing and distribution.

Number of
contract: cost per thousand
contract: cost per thousand
contract: cost per thousand
contract: cost per thousand
3,000-6,000 $80/thous. $70/thous. $65/thous. $60/thous.
6,001-9,999 $75/thous. $65/thous. $60/thous. $55/thous.
10,000-20,000 $70/thous. $60/thous. $55/thous.



Insert Printing

Rates for printing of inserts distributed through the Messenger are on a bid basis. Call for a quote.

Click here for an exclusive offer on insert printing and distribution.


Advertisers requesting special placement will be charged a 20% surcharge if placement can be met. Minimum order of a 10-inch ad.

Political Advertising

Regular advertising rates and contract discounts apply. Cash payment in advance of advertising required.

Classified/Marketplace Ad Rates

Classifieds are $1 per word with a $10.00 minimum charge. Classifieds must be prepaid and received in the Messenger office by the publication deadline. Ask about discounts for 6 and 12 time insertions. Classifieds can be submitted online, via email ( , phone (651-917-4183), or sent via mail to Messenger, 5139 34th Ave. S. #17097, Minneapolis MN 55417. Consider advertising in one of the following categories:

  • Faith Matters
  • Pets Matter
  • Health Matters
  • Home Matters
  • Jobs Matter
  • Money Matters
  • Gratitude Matters (Thank someone today!)

Production Charges

Ad production is provided at no additional cost unless the Messenger must retain a graphic designer to create artwork or retain a photographer.

Contact Information


• Photocomposition and web printing
• 300 dpi photos and line art is required for optimal quality
•Reproduction proofs, 85-line screen required
•Five columns wide (61.5 picas) by 16” tabloid
•Full page is 72.5 column inches (5 col. x 14.5”)
•Half page is 36.25 column inches
• Quarter page is 18 column inches
•Eighth page is 9 column inches

Column widths

1 col: 11.5 picas (1.917 inches)
2 col: 24 picas (4 inches)
3 col: 36.5 picas (6.083 inches)
4 col: 49 picas (8.166 inches)
5 col: 61.5 picas (10.25 inches)

Multi-Newspaper Discount

If you run the same ad created for the Messenger in the Midway Como Frogtown Monitor you will receive an additional discount of 20% off your Monitor ad.

Camera Ready Ads

• If providing a Photoshop, Tiff or JPEG File: set your resolution at “high” – no less than 300 dpi
• If providing an Illustrator File: all fonts must be outlined and images provided. Save file in editable eps format.
• If providing a Quark File: provide the file, fonts and any picture or illustration files.
• All Other Formats: please convert files to PDF format, high (press) resolution.
• Acrobat Files: setting should be “press” resolution.

Online Advertising (

All online advertisements must be prepaid unless prior credit history has been established. Online ads are displayed on the Messenger website for a minimum of 30 days from the time they go live.