25 celebrities you may not know are pansexual

Stacker has compiled a list of 25 celebrities you may not know are pansexual using various sources and personal statements.
Steve McQueen: The life story you may not know
With his rugged good looks and penchant for stealing scenes, Steve McQueen was an actor who exemplified cool—and leveraged that cool to become an antihero superstar. Stacker looks at elements of his life story you may not know.
John Lennon: The life story you may not know
Stacker dives deep into the life story you may not know about John Lennon.
Can you guess the rock band from just one lyric?
Think you know your rock music? Stacker compiled a list of song lyrics by rock bands along with hints to see if you can guess who sang what.

100 best TV shows of all time

Stacker compiled a definitive list of the 100 best TV shows of all time by analyzing data from IMDb.

100 best movies of all time

Stacker ranked the top 100 best films of all time, using data from IMDb ratings and Metascores to create a score equally weighting the two.

Can you guess the iconic TV show from just one image?

25 stills from television were curated by Stacker with an emphasis on a diverse range of genres, protagonists, styles, and time periods. Can you guess every TV show?

Oscar Best Actress winner from the year you were born

Stacker looked back at all the Best Actress winners on the Oscars website since the first Academy Awards ceremony to highlight major achievements in film history.

Oscar Best Picture winner from the year you were born

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‘Listennn’ –The Movement Never Stops
Anyone attending a protest or march for justice in the Twin Cities over these past few years has undoubtedly heard a call carry over the crowd: “Listennn!” It’s a sure bet …
Seward artists at Minneapolis ice shanty project
Seward artists Lisa Carlson and Peter Schulze build an ice garden, showing both the beauty and fragility of ice. They used a wide range of containers to make the ice pieces that they set up along the …
Standish author’s latest thriller chills
In a blog post for Barnes & Noble, local author Marcie Rendon writes of the stories that lurk at the edge of our consciousness, waiting to be told. Stories that are “too disturbing, too …
Riverview Theater one of few one-screen theaters still operating locally
It was Dec. 30, 1948, that the Riverview Theater at 3800 42nd Avenue opened its doors, showing the film “June Bride,” starring Bette Davis. The neighborhood icon caters to its community …
Creativity and community in a time of Isolation
In 2021, retired University of Minnesota filmmaker Paul Eide and a few members of his family pictured a way to fight pandemic isolation – a way that creatively drew them together.Just before …
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Best TV shows of the last year, according to TV critics' top 10 lists

Stacker compiled a list of the best TV shows of the last year using data from Metacritic's year-end round-up of TV critic top 10 lists.
Local brewers were among the booths dotting Boom Island Park during the 21st Autumn Brew Review on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022. There were among 95 breweries from across the state at the annual event …
Seward Co-ops’s changing of the guard
Local grocer Seward Co-op’s 50th anniversary is coming to a close this year, but there’s also another significant occasion taking place where many folks shop for sustainable and fair …
Summer in the cities finds metro residents flocking like sheep to partake of the bounty offered at more than 15 local farmers market from various neighborhood locations. (See sidebar on page 3.) …
It’s time to plant your summer vegetable garden
After a long, wet spring, the planting season is finally underway. The last week of May and first week of June are a great time to plant a summer vegetable garden – the days are getting long, …
The only true 0.0% non-alcholic craft beer in America was birthed in East Bde Maka Ska. When Paul Pirner decided to give up alcohol and couldn’t find an alternative he liked, he began brewing …
How film production has changed over time
Giggster highlights 15 moments that impacted film production, from the invention of cinema to the newest LED green screens.
Oscar Best Actor winner from the year you were born
Stacker found the Academy Award winner for Best Actor every year since 1928 using the Oscars website.
Oscar Best Picture winners from worst to first
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Worst Best Picture nominees in Oscar history
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The 2023 Best Picture Oscar nominees are less critically acclaimed, but do they reflect moviegoer tastes?
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Can nongendered acting awards help fix Hollywood's gender problem?
Stacker delved into the debate around nongendered awards and Hollywood's systemic gender and racial inequities.
Keep Rocking This Year with Maaco’s Rock On In 2023 Sweepstakes
(NewsUSA) - Maaco, North America’s body shop, is celebrating the start of 2023 in rock and roll fashion by giving away 23 JBL speakers. The sweepstakes, which invites entrants to share their …
Best Japanese movies of all time
From 10-hour epics to animated classics, Stacker takes a glimpse at some of the best Japanese movies ever made.
Here's what iconic concert took place the year you graduated high school
Stacker compiled a list of the most iconic concerts from each of the last 63 years, using a variety of internet-based sources, including setlist.fm, Billboard magazine, Rolling Stone magazine, and Spin magazine.
25 times LGBTQ+ artists made music history
Using books, interviews, and primary news sources, Stacker has compiled a list of 25 times LGBTQ+ artists made music history.

Best women-led action movies

Stacker put together a list of the best women-led action movies using IMDb and Metacritic scores.

30 famous slang terms and phrases popularized by movies and TV shows

Stacker compiled a list of 30 slang terms that gained popularity after being used in movies and television shows, using the Oxford English Dictionary.

50 albums by Black artists we're looking forward to in 2023

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10 of the most memorable home improvement movies

American Home Shield highlighted 10 memorable movies heavy on home improvement, ranking by popularity per IMDb user votes and Metascores.

Best movies of 2023 so far

Stacker collected Metacritic data on films released in theaters or for streaming in January and February to find the top 20 movies of 2023 so far.

15 of the best movies about wine and winemaking

Plonk Wine Club highlights 15 of the best films and documentaries featuring wine.

25 iconic musicians you may not know were LGBTQ+

To honor singers and songwriters of the LGBTQ+ community, Stacker researched music history to highlight 25 icons you might not have known were queer.

62 celebrities you might not know are LGBTQ+

Stacker highlights over 60 LGBTQ+ celebrities and their integral contributions to the LGBTQ+ community and/or entertainment industry.

Best LGBTQ+ movies of 2022

Looking at Metacritic data, Stacker ranked the top 25 LGBTQ+ films of 2022. Movies had to receive at least seven reviews to qualify.  

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