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Jennifer Polzin
Tubman raising funds to add pet shelter
Tubman, an innovative organization dedicated to providing support and resources to individuals and families affected by domestic violence and trauma, is raising funds to add a pet shelter. Tubman's …
Lyle James takes Honey, a two-year-old bulldog, out into the run next to the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control building at 212 17th Ave. N. James can't have pets at his condo and he volunteers several days a week at the shelter. He is also a carrier for TMC Publications CO. (Photo by Tesha M. Christensen)
Not the pound you think you know
The Minneapolis city animal control facility isn’t the grim place many picture.“For a long time, this place would have been called a pound with all the negative aspects that …
Linda Featherstone
Longfellow residents Linda Featherstone and her husband Frank Forkins have helped neighborhood cats and dogs to have healthier and happier lives for the past 25 years. Working with pet owners who …
Volunteer Gail Frethem plays with Tupelo at the shelter. (Photo by Penny Fuller)
Longtime Feline Rescue volunteer Nancy Miller writes monthly newsletters and works as a shift lead. “I love this work because I see first-hand the difference that volunteering makes in the …
Annika and Leah
Free helping dogs
Can Do Canines announces that there is currently less waiting time than normal for clients who need one of the following types of assistance dogs: Mobility Assist Dog, Hearing Assist Dog, Diabetes …

Unleashing Relief: Tips for Managing Your Itchy Dog

(BPT) - What’s the number one reason pet parents bring their dogs to the veterinarian? If you thought the answer was annual vaccinations or stomach issues, you might be surprised to find out …

Help your dogs stay calm during July 4th fireworks

The Conversation looks at how owners can protect their dogs from loud fireworks on Independence Day, with tips from a veterinary professor at Mississippi State University.
10 summertime plants that are toxic to dogs
Ollie identified 10 of the most common summertime plants that are toxic to dogs using research from the ASPCA, AKC, and scientific studies.
Creating a Pet-Friendly Palace
(Family Features) As much as you love your pets and work hard to make them part of the family, they're also a big responsibility. Part of that responsibility includes setting up your home so it's equal parts stylish (for you) and functional (for Fido).
Make Summer Travel with Pets Enjoyable and Seamless
(Family Features) For pet owners, cats and dogs are part of the family, which means when it's time to head out of town this summer, the four-legged friends get to come along, too.
Fact or Fiction? Discover the Truth about Canine Osteoarthritis and Available Treatment Options
(BPT) - Has your dog been acting differently? Do they seem to be slowing down? What many pet owners don’t realize is that changes in behavior can also mean your four-legged friend is in pain. …
Myths about dog wellness, debunked
Ollie (Inc) debunked common dog wellness myths using research studies and news articles from the AKC and the AAHA.
It’s important to take steps to ensure your pet stays cool, happy and healthy all summer long.
A Veterinarian’s Top Tips for a Safe, Fun Summer
by Dr. Whitney Miller, DVM, MBA, DACVPM, Chief Veterinarian at Petco (NAPSI)—Longer, warmer days often mean pets and pet parents are spending more time together outside. Whether you’re hosting a …
7 things your dog wants you to know about separation anxiety
(BPT) - Have you ever looked at your dog’s big sweet eyes and wondered, “What is going on inside your head?” If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. While your dog …
Little seed, big problem – keep an eye out for foxtail seed pods that can harm your pet this summer
Across much of the United States, spring is in full force. With warmer weather, people are taking their furry family members out on longer walks and spending more time outside. Alongside blooming flowers and trees, your pet might run into a small, unassuming grass seed pod known as a foxtail. …
America's 10 Most Amazing Shelter Dog Makeovers Unleashed
(BPT) - May marks National Pet Month, and it's a time to celebrate the love and companionship our furry friends bring into our lives; however, let's not forget about the dogs still awaiting their …

3 expert tips to manage your puppy's dental health

(BPT) - Every new puppy owner has a camera roll full of pictures, but don't let that sweet puppy smile fool you — good dental health requires a plan.By the age of three years, most dogs will …

Kitten season is out of control. Are warmer winters to blame?

Grist reports that outdoor kitten counts are booming, which is bad news for shelters and wildlife.
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Dog talk ... and more

Every dog lover's resource for keeping yourself & your best friend happy, healthy and long living - naturally. Listen in to Dr. Peter Dobias weekly to find out how both you and your furry friend …

Talkin' pets, with vets

Two Vets Talk Pets podcast

Veterinarians, Drs Lewis Kirkham and Robbie Anderton, provide an informative, light-hearted chat about the health of your pet. It includes veterinary, behaviour and training advice for pet owners, …

Purrr-fectly enjoyable

In these cat podcasts, learn everything there is to know about cats on Cattitude with your hosts Michelle Fern & Tom Dock. In this cat podcast, each week we’ll spotlight a cool cat breed, …