Longfellow residents Linda Featherstone and her husband Frank Forkins have helped neighborhood cats and dogs to have healthier and happier lives for the past 25 years. Working with pet owners who lack the means to cover vet fees, and using tips about feral animals, the team has voluntarily arranged to have 1,220 animals fixed over their 25 years of volunteer work. They have used the proceeds from collected cans and materials to develop creative financial alliances with local vets.
Named for Sam, the first rescued dog Linda took in, Cans for Sam has collected an estimated 51 tons of recyclable materials over the years and provided thousands of dollars in veterinarian services and medicine.
Seeing the value of Linda and Frank’s work, neighbors have also contributed financially to round out the funds used for spaying and neutering animals and to cover the cost of other treatments. Cans for Sam is a neighborhood treasure, much appreciated by Longfellow animal-lovers and their four-legged friends.
To arrange a donation call: (612) 722-1886. Recyclable metal can be left at: 3608 38th Avenue S., Minneapolis. Please drop it around back in the alley space.


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