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This poor mother and her precious children were completely failed by “systems” that were anything but systematic. Kelsey Kruse did everything she was supposed to do, and more. And she did it all without causing extra and unnecessary problems. She and her family were by the book. Over and over and over and over and over…they failed her. How do any of Minnesota DHS CPS ElkRiver police Sherburne County Child Protective Services Judge Mary Yunker Elk River School District Lincoln Elementary… and so many more- HOW do they sleep at night? HOW do they look at themselves in the mirror each day? And as for Sarah (Nasby?) and Brett Hallow- frankly, there’s no hell that’s torturous enough for them.

Lastly, as we can all recall, Minnesota was not a place to be in 2020. Any city or state under democrat leadership will NEVER be a place for me and mine. May God have mercy.


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