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The asylum must be short on lunatics, because they are all here. Do they want to eliminate all traffic between Minneapolis and St. Paul? End all commuting? Or long-distance travelers who have to pass through the Twin Cities on their way from Chicago to Fargo? It is quite irresponsible to raise such ridiculous, impossible proposals because of all the money that will have to be wasted on studies and meetings and organizations, only to ultimately do nothing. These anti-highways moves are the height of Nimbyism, and trying to control other people's lives, and livelihoods, to satisfy some false sense of reality. Even when 94 was completed, it took my mother at least 45 minutes to commute from South Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul. It would have been twice as long on any other route. And twice as tiring.

Where do you think you can divert traffic to? It is where it is, deal with it. Everyone suffered and benefitted EQUALLY. All the highways were designed to the best possible specifications of the time and were constantly improved, with greenery, noise barriers, widening, repaving, etc. Highway 55 is an excellent example of boulevard design, and a vital alternative to Highway 12. Some things need to be left to the experts. This is lunacy. It cannot, and will not, ever be removed. It's an Interstate Highway, not some local bike path. It is of national importance. Aside from all that, who on earth is going to pay for this dreamery? St. Paul already has a magnificent boulevard in Summit Avenue.

Why even speculate about such craziness? It only causes trouble. The magnificent plan of 1914 for Minneapolis has never even been completed. If that couldn't get done, how could this?

From: What happens if you remove I-94?

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