Community Co-Creation Team partners to conduct independent survey on George Floyd Square


The 38th and Chicago Community Co-Creation Team (the CCT) has partnered with the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota and the McKnight Foundation to design and fund an independent survey that will provide a clearer picture of how people feel about George Floyd Square and imagine its future.
The CCT will publish a summary of the results after the survey is concluded. Anyone can access the survey at
In October of 2022, the CCT was organized by the Public Policy Project and NEOO Partners in efforts to enhance community feedback on the intersection infrastructure project of George Floyd Square. They sought out 15-20 representatives from residents, business owners, neighborhood organizations, and nonprofit organizations affiliated with the intersection of 38th Street E and Chicago Ave. S to serve on this team and provide community feedback for the project team hired by the city of Minneapolis (the city). The project team would then be responsible for presenting a final recommendation to the city council for the street infrastructure of E 38th St. and Chicago Ave. S – George Floyd Square.
The CCT reviewed the data provided by the project team and the city.
“We felt we needed more information that reflects a vision for the whole of George Floyd Square–the streets, the People’s Way, and the memorial,” commented Marika Reese, elected co-chair of the CCT and a homeowner at George Floyd Square.
The survey is being conducted independently. However, the city has chosen to support the community by distributing mailers about the survey to Wards 8 and 9 and providing accessibility accommodations. The data will also be available for the city to guide its decision-making processes.
“Our objective as representatives of our community at George Floyd Square is to create a foundation from which a more crystalized vision can emerge that we as diverse neighbors can collectively endorse,” says Jeanelle Austin, the other co-chair of the CCT and executive director of the George Floyd Global Memorial.
This survey is open and available to all through Dec. 31. There are no demographic restrictions on who can complete the survey. It is currently available online in English and will be available in paper form and in additional languages (Spanish, Somali, and Hmong) shortly.
For questions about this press release and survey or to access additional accommodations, please contact the CCT by emailing, Mikki VanEps, at


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