'Free local newspaper is an incredibly valuable part of my life'


I noticed that I haven't received the February edition and I am just wondering if there has been a change. I live in Longfellow. Is there a good place for me to go to get a copy?

I don't mean to complain or be a pain because I seriously appreciate you so much. This free local newspaper is an incredibly valuable part of my life and I want to honor the hard work you all do. Actually, I just convinced myself to make a donation. 
Anywho, I feel a hole in my heart where the Messenger used to be and I hope it will still be delivered to me in the future. 
I appreciate you!
Michael Wilson 

Thanks for the kind words! I’m so glad you reached out to let us know about delivery. We have some new carriers coming on board, and so I’ll let them know they missed you. You can find bulk copies at these local places: East Lake Library, East Lake Liquor, Cub Foods, Seward Coop, Zips Liquor, Quruxley restaurant, Code Blu, Venn Brewing, Nokomis Library, Oxendale's, and Baker's Wife.


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