March to Davis Center


Educators and supporters walked from the Minneapolis Public Schools nutrition center to the Davis Center (1250 West Broadway Ave.) on the first day of the strike, March 8, 2022, bringing attention to the office building that opened in 2012 and cost $41.7 million to build. The Davis Center houses administration. In November 2018, the district opened a brand new MPS Center for Adult Learning at 2015 E. Lake Street, which cost $29 million to construct. The district is still paying on both facilities.

The district is paying $25,999,423 towards interest and fiscal charges on long-term debt in 2022. In all, it owes $562 million in general obligation bonds and $206 million in certificates of participation.  District and school administration costs $17 million or 2% of the total budget.


• 640 teachers left district in last 18 months

•  12.7 percent of students have left Minneapolis public schools since 2019 ; 29,253 students enrolled in fall 2021

• 70% of pupils are students of color, but just 17% of teachers

• MFT last went on strike in 1970. It lasted 14 days.


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