Stories and Journeys

Summertime celebrations winding down as fall approaches


Celebrating the Resurfacing of 46th Ave.
I still get ecstatic along with neighbors I know. I'm looking outside at a resurfaced 46th Ave. between 38th St. and 46th Street. Thanks to Minneapolis Public Works. I didn't realize that black asphalt could look so beautiful. I was mesmerised by the whole process. The heavy machinery and trucks brought in to remove old asphalt and replace it with new asphalt. Best of all no potholes. Then a shoe dropped. Turns out myself and my neighbors are paying for this resurfacing in my case to the tune of $1,153.45. Ouch!

Celebrating My Hour Car Experience
I don't own a car. I rely on Metro Transit and Hour Car to meet most of my transportation needs. It had been several years since I had driven a car. I made a reservation for a car at the 46th St. light rail hub. I was concerned that the car might have technology new to me. My sister-in-law went with me for support. Turns out I can still drive a car even with new technology. Riding a bike is another story. I have a Trek 7200 for sale. Any takers?

Celebrating the Minnesota Newspaper Association Museum at the State Fair
I like going to the fair. This year, my sister-in-law Carol, my niece Kim and her fiance, Steven, drove up from Des Moines. We rented a wheelchair. They took turns pushing the wheelchair with me in it. That was an adventure in itself. One of our stops was the Minnesota Newspaper Association Museum. I got to see type setting being done. I talked community journalism with a volunteer. I brought home a poster featuring the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I have since learned that Tesha M. Christensen volunteered at the museum last year. Also she was honored to be featured in a story in the museum newspaper. This experience brought back for me so many community newspaper memories. Check out this exhibit sometime if you go to the fair.
So, dear reader, what if any, are your State Fair memories? Have you visited the museum? Tell yourself, tell others or tell me via And, oh yes, what does the First Amendment mean to you these days?

Celebrating U.S. Constitution Day Sept. 17
I was recently reminded in an email I received from Americans United for the Separation of Church and State that Sept. 17 is Constitution Day. In reflecting on this day, I remembered that I used to carry a pocket edition of the Constitution with me every day. I have actually read it. To celebrate this year I ordered for me a brand new pocket edition. I did this wondering how many of the fascists who are burrowing their way into our body politic even care about our founding document. Some wrap themselves in the Bible and the flag. Many of the them call themselves Christian Nationalists. An abuse of the word Christian in my view.

Celebrating Tuesdays With Gary
It's Tuesday. The weather is accomodating. It's right after my online Adaptive Yoga class. I meet my neighbor Gary at the bus stop. The bus takes us to Lund's and Byerlys Highland Bridge to shop and converse. One day, Gary stopped by my house. He gave me a book he's hoping I will read. It's called "On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From the Twentieth Century" by Timothy Snyder. It becomes part of our ongoing conversation along with the book I'm reading by Thom Hartman from his Hidden History collection. It's called "The Hidden History of American Oligarchy: Reclaiming Our Democracy from The Ruling Class." There's these two books, an occasional article in the Messenger, and our daily life experiences that make up our conversations.
That's all for this summer's celebrations – although there are a few others. If you have read this far you have taken the plunge into the river(flow) of life experiences which is Stories and Journeys.

News From All Elders United for Justice.
Executive Director Jonathan Rose has developed a paper called "Where Ageism, Racism and Other Systemic Inequities Intersect" which he presented to an Age Friendly Minnesota conference.
All Elders is showing up at the Legislative Task Force on gging hearings this Summer.
News From Elder Voices (Telling Our Stories/Sharing Our Journeys):
Laura and Lilly stopped by in August.On Friday, Oct. 27, Elder Voices will be back at Turtle Bread, 4205 E.34th St., 10am-11:30 a.m.
In gratitude always. Remember to Vote Nov. 7. It's our civic duty.
Donald L. Hammen is a longtime south Minneapolis resident, and serves on the All Elders United for Justice Board of Directors.


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