Why do schools still spank students?


I am astounded that schools are still spanking students in the United States, even if the use of it is declining. If a parent hit their kids that’s child abuse. If an adult hits an adult that’s against federal laws. But if a teacher (parent, adult) hits a kid in school that’s considered just fine even maybe wanted from the community, but what does that say about us?

As an American it doesn’t really sit well. We have a pretty stable country, happy families, and enough food usually. And yet we still hit our kids even though they’re just learning? Sixteen states have expressly allowed it, six have no laws against it. The schools don’t even ask for permission, some parents are enraged. Other schools use it as a choice like in North Carolina instead of suspension. But how does it affect how they/we grow up? Where do we draw the line?
Joselyn Pettit
age 13


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